New strip club in Kiev – 2019

This is a place of power for real men, where you can relax, relax and enjoy the best performances of erotic theater.

Here you will be met by the most beautiful princesses who will make you feel like a king not only for one evening, but forever. Just imagine it. You sit on a comfortable sofa in a stylish new strip club, enjoy your favorite whiskey, while our chef prepares a delicious dinner. At this time music is playing. Vijay lights the LEDs and shakes the entire club. The princesses perform dances and bathe you in the atmosphere of feminine beauty.

The atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment, an unforgettable dance and show program, sets of the best music novelties, the best hits of world gastronomic trends, a rich selection of fine alcohol will make you forget about problems.

We have created a space of pleasure, where aesthetics, female beauty and dance are woven into a big world of fantasy and passion. You, as a man, must not only work hard, but also have a good rest. You deserve the best.

Our princesses with their beauty and grace, the art of dance will erase the signs of fatigue from your courageous face. Instead of the weight of the world, a sense of power and strength will come. After all, female tenderness creates magic.

Why do men go to the strip club?

Yes, because they want to relax and get aesthetic pleasure. Therefore, we have created an atmospheric Princess men’s club. No longer is the question “where do men spend their leisure time?”. This is definitely the Princess men’s club on Khreshchatyk 14!

it take the first place in strip club rating in Kiev

What are men doing at the Princess men’s club?

They rest, relax, have dinner, enjoy the art of erotic dance and replenish their strength. After relaxing in our club Princess men’s club, you will feel like an alpha and a king. After all, the best princesses danced for you.

Princess men’s club is a place where you can enjoy a completely different atmosphere, created specifically for real men. This is a place where you are always a welcome guest, who is cared for and respected. Your place of power is always open for you and is located in the very center of Kiev.

Come! The princesses are waiting for you!