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Men’s club in the center of Kiev

Tired of the monotonous rest, you can 100% relax in the new men’s club in the very center of the capital of Ukraine. For guys and men, the key factor for a pleasant holiday is not only the opportunity to enjoy drinks from the bar and delicious cuisine. The environment of lovely, young and sexy girls will brighten up the evening and save the guest from all worries.

In the center of Kiev there is a real erotic theater Princess Men’s Club, which has incorporated all the expected benefits:

  • The presence of comfortable places for recreation with the possibility of ordering dishes from the menu and drinks from the bar;
  • Every evening, a different show program with an erotic bias is presented on stage;
  • The club has 69 sexy girls whose task is to create a pleasant atmosphere for the guest;
  • The opportunity to participate in Touch shows, as well as in various programs in the style of BDSM or Lesbian;
  • High security and 100% anonymity.

According to visitors’ reviews, the Princess Men’s Club created a cozy atmosphere. On the one hand, guests can enjoy restaurant meals and a bar. On the other hand, if you wish, you can plunge into the world of erotic theater or even independently participate in strip dance.

Что можно увидеть посетив мужской клуб

How is a real men’s club inside?

Princess Men’s Club has created the conditions for a comfortable and convenient visit to the institution at any time. Despite the central location of the location along the main street of the city, the main entrance is hidden from prying eyes. This allows you to visit the place by car and on foot anonymously.

Conveniently, free admission is offered to all regular guests with a loyalty card. A nice bonus will be for visitors and calling a taxi to visit the club when pre-booking a table and making a deposit.

A real men’s club is a large institution, where the big stage is in the spotlight. It presents dance program shows with the participation of attractive dancers dressed in sexy lingerie. Comfortable private rooms for the Touch program and individual dances are separately equipped. You can choose a young princess for a pleasant dinner. It is important that on the territory of the men’s club a cult of mutual respect and the absence of vulgar vulgarity is preserved. The status venue is based on the canons of the erotic theater, where young dancers give pleasant emotions to guests with their performances.

Often guests in reviews write that Princess Men’s Club has become their favorite vacation spot. Men come here with girls, wives, colleagues, partners and just friends. Holidays are held here, stag parties and other events are celebrated. You can make a preliminary reservation through the site by choosing a table and a seating area. The institution has several halls in which seats are equipped. Depending on the occasion and the desired pastime format, you can select the desired zone.

The men’s club in the center of Kiev has long been a mecca for guests and residents of the capital. The cutest, but seductive young girls with experience in dance and theater performances work here. This is important, because guests come to this place to enjoy erotic dancing on stage, near their capital or in a private room. And Princess Men’s Club does not limit anyone’s sexual fantasies.

How much money to take to the strip club

Rest in a strip club can be estimated in a different price range. It all depends on the goals, desires and requests of visitors. Since such institutions are visited not only alone for relaxation and entertainment, but also with friends and even with soul mates.

Before determining the approximate amount of rest in a strip club, you need to choose the institution itself. They are divided into several categories according to status and average bill. And already from this start from preliminary calculations.

What can I spend money on in strip clubs

Potential expenses in men’s institutions are divided into several categories:

  • Payment of admission ticket (in 90% of cases, admission must be paid separately even if there is a deposit of the table);
  • The menu of the restaurant and bar (on the territory of strip clubs there is a full-fledged kitchen and a bar where you can have a delicious dinner and relax);
  • Additional entertainments (for example, a hookah);
  • Private dancing;
  • Participation in show programs;
  • Tips for dancers and attendants;
  • Other expenses for visiting the institution (taxi, security service, concierge service).

The cost of certain services varies, differing in institutions of different categories. On average, the price of items from the menu and bar is 10-20% higher than that of city restaurants or cafes. This is normal positioning, as guests mostly come to strip clubs to watch an erotic show program on stage. And most often, guests complement the evening with alcoholic beverages, the cost of which is always higher than in stores or in catering establishments of an average price category.

Princess in lingerie on the main stage

Additional services in the form of private dances or fees for participating in show programs have different costs, but you can start from the amount of $ 30-50 for one position. It is important to understand that Price may be revised annually based on internal and external factors.

The cost of entry depends solely on the positioning of the club. In one of the best strip clubs in Ukraine, Princess Men’s Club, an admission fee of 500 hryvnias is required. And for regular customers with a reached spending limit in the institution, a premium membership card is issued for the year, providing all kinds of discounts and bonuses. In practice, we can say that even in elite men’s locations, for example, the Princess Men’s Club, leisure can be both budgetary and free, and liberated, from a financial point of view. It’s normal practice to pay the total bill for services at the strip club from 2,000 to 50,000 hryvnias per night. Since the tip size and participation in personalised shows with attractive girls is not limited.

We dispel myths about the high cost of strip clubs

In most institutions that position themselves as a real erotic theater, only the entrance ticket costing up to $ 25 is included in the mandatory payment (depending on the club). All other expenses are at our sole discretion.

Those who have not been to popular strip clubs may have incorrect stereotypes about their activities. Firstly, all tips (including bonuses for dancers) remain at the discretion of the guest. Secondly, the menu and the bar always allow you to fully relax without significant overpayments (the price of positions is not much different from what you can see in ordinary city restaurants). Thirdly, the general dance show and strip dance are free. In addition, you will have to pay only for a private dance and participation in the show of your own free will.

Therefore, even with $ 100, you can fully relax and unwind. The main thing is to choose a suitable institution where pricing is completely transparent. If you are interested in learning more about the price of various services in the popular strip club, you can go to the Princess Men’s Club website, located in the very center of Kiev.

Strip club opens the door for wealthy men

Strip plastic is a popular type of dance art in which gracefulness of a half-naked body comes to the fore. It is no secret that the strip dance culture is actively developing in Ukraine, offering guests a variety of dance programs performed by young attractive dancers. But this type of art has never been cheap and massive availability. Strip plastic is available to the viewer only in special strip clubs with a high level of security and anonymity.

To ensure comfort and high-quality service, strip clubs have to set a certain financial threshold, which is accessible to wealthy and successful men who value their own superiority and status.

Princess Men’s Club – status place of strip dance

Strip dance in a status club allows not only dancers to reveal their grace, plasticity and sexuality. For guests, this is an opportunity to fully relax at the table, having tried quality and fresh snacks for drinks from the bar.

One of the new clubs in the center of Kiev, Princess Men’s Club, positions itself as a full-fledged erotic theater with a focus on strip dancing. This means that the stage shows programs with young girls dressed in erotic clothes. Every day, new show programs are presented on the stage. The peculiarity of such locations is in their level of service, quality of equipment and other details.

Strip dances at men's club

It is very simple to determine a status institution against the background of a cheap strip club. Firstly, in locations of the Princess Men’s Club level, not only guest anonymity is provided, but also a high level of security. Secondly, the price threshold for entry and table deposit form a certain audience within the institution. This makes the visit comfortable for people of any kind of activity. Indeed, not every man, even if he had the financial ability, could afford to freely visit such places. Often this concerns the topic of maintaining confidentiality and anonymity for public people and those who wish to remain a hidden guest.

Therefore, status institutions, including Princess Men’s Club, have their own security system. The main entrances are always located away from prying eyes, and if you wish, you can always drive directly to the entrance by car. Status is determined by the possibility of choosing private dances with a girl you like, as well as participating in thematic dance shows.

Reputation Status

Despite the fact that the Princess Men’s Club has been operating in the center of Kiev not so long ago, the institution already has its own reputation as a Mecca for wealthy men seeking relaxation among strip dance. The high level of the club allows you to select only the most ambitious, artistic, graceful and sexy dancers for the stage. After all, strip dancing on the stage and pole in the Princess Men’s Club is a whole mini-performance where the actresses are presented in half-naked form, allowing guests to see their most attractive parts of the body.

Pole dance in strip club

Wealthy guests of the institution does not make sense to hide their desires. You can fully reveal them in such a location as the Princess Club, where updated strip programs are presented daily on stage.

Gentleman club – a place for modern people

The urban rhythm of life often leaves no time for a good rest and relaxation. There are not so many locations in the city that provide guests with the opportunity to relieve stress and plunge into the world of shocking, passion and sensuality. Therefore, the so-called gentleman clubs have recently become relevant.

Dimmed light, relaxing atmosphere, high-quality bar and a large stage are the key features of a real male establishment. The basis of the program in gentlemen’s clubs is dancing from beautiful and charming girls on the stage in front of the guests. It turns out that visitors can not only enjoy high-quality drinks from the bar, hookah or snack, but also feel the loving attention of young dancers.

What attracts new gentleman clubs?

The modern gentleman’s club is the embodiment of a number of requests of a new generation of successful men:

  • Anonymity;
  • Security;
  • A wide range of dance services;
  • Quality bar;
  • Modern interior and comfortable lounge areas.

Such institutions do not have an atmosphere of vulgarity or vulgarity, as many may have the impression. For example, if a guest visits one of the most popular gentleman clubs in Kiev, Princess Men’s Club, he will have a pleasant atmosphere comparable to the situation in a modern theater. Indeed, the bias in such locations is made on the art of strip dance, as an element of culture for adults.

Another feature of the described institutions for men is the possibility of holding personal events there. Birthdays, bachelor parties, parties and other holidays can be ordered precisely in special clubs for gentlemen. And there are several weighty arguments in favor of this. In locations such as Princess Men’s Club, not only seating tables are available in the common room, but also separate areas for parties. You can always protect yourself from everyone with a friendly company and enjoy the bar, snacks in tandem with a dance program.

The difference between the gentleman of the club and other nightlife is the possibility of ordering a private dance or even participating in special shows on stage. After all, the hobbies and interests of men are not limited only to the desire to look at the half-naked bodies of young girls. The topics of BDSM and Lesbian are becoming more open and accessible to society. Therefore, in institutions using the example of the Princess Men’s Club, it makes no sense to hide their desires.

Gentleman’s club as a place for modern leisure for men

A quality institution loyal to its guests can always be determined by several criteria. Among them, the presence of an active bonus program, the possibility of individual service, security services, escort and the presence of a parking space for cars. In addition, modern gentleman clubs do not limit guests in their desires. Everyone can become part of the program by giving the dancer a gift, ordering her private dance, or participating in a dance show in person.

Princess Men’s Club is one of the new clubs for gentlemen, which is located in the very center of Kiev. It is here that men who want to spend time in company with beautiful young girls who amaze with the flexibility and grace of their body on the dance floor now prefer to relax.

How much does a trip to the strip club cost

Men are divided into two categories: those who have already been to a gentleman’s club and those who are only planning to visit him. The second will be useful to know how much it will cost one evening of entertainment in the erotic theater of Kiev. After all, many temptations are hidden behind the doors of men’s institutions, for which you will have to pay extra separately.

What expenses are planned in the strip club

Before evaluating the total amount needed for an evening of entertainment, we describe the main items of expenditure:

  • Entrance to the club (entrance fees are always paid if the man does not have a special club card).
  • Bar (alcoholic drinks are an integral part of any relaxation of a real man).
  • Restaurant menu (optional, but in most cases, alcoholic drinks are complemented by appetizer or full dishes).
  • Special Menu (private dances, individual erotic shows).
  • Tipping (a good tone for a guest is to leave a tip to a girl or service waiter that they like).

Before visiting the male institution, you can pre-evaluate your budget. Club sites usually have general information about the cost of entry, private dancing. If not, you can always call the manager on the specified phone and specify the cost of entry. Usually it is equal to the prices for visiting popular nightclubs in the same city.

erotic striptease in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev

Bar and restaurant menus should be evaluated separately. The cost of food and drinks depends on the category of the club. If this is a rating institution, then the prices there will be at the level of the central restaurants of the city. With a budget holiday, you can do one or two drinks and a fruit snack. It is always available.

The special menu is regarded differently, and the price can reach $ 100- $ 200 for the service. We are talking about private dancing, participating in erotic shows. But for many guests of such establishments, strip dance from the main stage is enough, for which you do not need to pay extra.

How to choose a club, do not overpay money and have a good rest

A status strip club with a good reputation a priori provides a spectacular erotic stage show. This means that private dance and other elements of the special menu in such institutions are not required and you can save on them. And if you are a frequent guest in such locations, it is rational to get a membership card that provides free admission and additional bonuses. In one of the best strip clubs in Kiev, Princess Men’s Club, a membership card is provided with a total amount of orders at an institution from 10 thousand hryvnias. Formally, these are several evenings or nights spent in a spectacular erotic setting.

best price of striptease in Kiev

The higher the cost of entry and services, the higher the quality of guest service. In the Princess Men’s Club, which is located on Khreshchatyk in Kiev, a middle ground has been reached between an average rest check and a high level of service. After all, the guest pays not only the erotic show from beautiful girls, but also the work of the security service, production designers, actresses, waiters, cooks, designers and other team members.

A pleasant, relaxing and exciting holiday in a gentleman’s club is possible for both $ 50 and $ 500. The main thing is to pre-plan your leisure time, to determine priorities. It is recommended before visiting men’s establishments with friends or colleagues to study the list of services on the official website. So you will understand whether you want additional elements of erotic dancing or you just have enough shows from the main stage of the club.

Where to watch striptease in Kiev

The capital of Ukraine is a Mecca for lovers of erotic shows. Foreign visitors and residents of the city know that there are about five of the most popular and status clubs in Kiev. But far from each of them, the cost of entry and entertainment corresponds to the level of service and expectations.

We will consider the most popular services in gentlemen’s institutions, evaluate the quality of service, the range of bars and the cultural program. This will allow each of the readers to make a choice where to watch an erotic show in the capital of Ukraine.

What should be the best strip club in Kiev?

According to user reviews and ratings, the Princess Men’s Club is considered one of the best men’s clubs in the capital. In the Google ranking, he lacks only two tenths of the points to the maximum rating among guests of the institution. Partly good reviews are given both for comfortable conditions of rest, and for bright dances of half-naked girls, and for a convenient location.

night club in Kiev city

You can watch erotic dances in one of the best institutions of the capital along Khreshchatyk Street, where club Princess is located. The location allows you to get there on any form of transport. And at the end of the evening, it will be easy for guests to find a free taxi.

According to regulars of gentlemen’s clubs, it is best to watch strip shows with friends or colleagues. To do this, the facilities are equipped with places for companies with a separate bar and restaurant menu. In a good club you can always relax while dancing on stage. Do not forget that in all such places there is a restriction on age (from 18 or 21 years). Entrance is usually paid for non-residents of the clubs, but the cost of the entrance ticket is more than paid for by bright dances on poles and a stage performed by young girls.

And if not only striptease

In places like Princess Men’s Club, there is always an extended special menu. Guests are offered not just a traditional dance program, but also private dances. And if desired, personal participation in thematic shows with elements of different erotic subcultures. This is true not only for men, but also for girls. Therefore, many guys spend time in such institutions with their partners to get new, vivid emotions.

How to choose a place to stay?

There are several criteria for evaluating men’s clubs with striptease. First, study the rating of the guests themselves, reviews on the Internet about the institution. The most popular places have a rating of 4.5 points or higher on a five-point system. After selecting several priority places, you should visit their sites and evaluate the interior and furnishings. Someone prefers familiar and proven establishments for years. For example, the famous Rio club in the capital has been operating since 2002.

If you appreciate the novelty, modernity, high quality service and spacious scenes with different bar zones, then you can pay attention to the Princess Men’s Club, which we mentioned above.

All rating and popular strip clubs are located in the central part of the capital of Ukraine. This is not surprising, because it is convenient to get there, the infrastructure is developed there. On Khreshchatyk and adjacent streets is clean and safe enough for tourists and residents.

Strip-club – new entertainment for adults

Many men miss the opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work and relax in a real men’s club. Among the popular men’s entertainment emit so-called strip dances. They differ from the vulgar striptease in that they appear as a traditional erotic pole dance, but without excessive vulgarity and emphasis on sex.

This means that every man can come to the strip-club with his friends or even with the other half to enjoy the plasticity of the dancers on stage.

What is special about strip clubs? Why such places are becoming more popular?

Strip clubs offer their guests a completely new level of recreation and entertainment. Visitors can enjoy delicious meals and drinks from the bar in the restaurant area, while simultaneously watching the performance of dancers on stage. The culture of erotic plastic dance is gaining more and more popularity every year. On stage at the pole such actresses dance with emotion, with grace, with good acrobatic accompaniment. All this happens under the pleasant melodic music. Of course, the strip-dance culture implies sexuality, the attractiveness of the girls themselves on stage.

men's club with erotic show

The best strip bar will allow the guest to additionally order a private dance or form an erotic show program on their own. Therefore, such gentlemen’s institutions are very popular among guests of different ages, marital and social status. After all, the culture of erotic dance does not limit the imagination and does not create barriers even for family people.

Sex in a strip club? Debunk popular myths

Among those who have not yet been in popular men’s clubs, there may be a stereotype about the depravity of what is happening inside such institutions. But in fact, sex in strip clubs is a myth. First, frank debauchery and physical pleasures are prohibited by law in public places and any kind of institution. Secondly, the true purpose of visiting gentlemen’s clubs is to enjoy dancing and erotic shows.

You can watch half-naked girls dancing, order a private dance and even participate in erotic programs. But all the shows and performances are built on the format of a dance theater, and modern strip clubs promote true art.

erotic striptease in a nightclub

Erotic dance in the club. How do professional dancers work?

Each institution of this format tries to choose the most professional team of dancers. Therefore, the selection criteria are always strict. In the best locations you will only meet slender, young, lovely girls who have gone through several stages of competitions. In particular, the ability to dance, posture, body parameters, as well as erudition and even the presence of a medical book are evaluated.

Therefore, in the new format of men’s entertainment, you can be sure that bright sexual dances excite the mind and cause new emotions that are not experienced in everyday life.

Where is the best strip club in Kiev

The culture of erotic shows is actively developing in the Ukrainian capital. Kiev is rapidly conquering the ratings of the most attractive cities in Eastern Europe among those who appreciate true female sexuality and beauty. But not every institution of this format is able to impress a guest, giving him vivid emotions from an erotic show. And when choosing the best location for this men’s holiday is to evaluate a number of criteria. For example, location, quality of the interior, service, available list of services, attractiveness of beautiful girls.

The central part of Kiev is the location where the best places for men’s recreation are concentrated.

The best places of the Ukrainian capital with erotic services are located in the central part of the city. The reason for this – a convenient location, near the central hotels, tourist locations and road junctions. It is comfortable when a guest can quickly get to the place, relax by himself or with friends and also return home without any problems.

Khreshchatyk is the main Mecca of the capital of Ukraine. This wide street is fraught with many mysteries, including the mystery of the location of the status of strip clubs in Kiev. Understanding the format of institutions, their owners are not located on the facade of buildings, but outside the central pedestrian part of the city. Due to this, guests can anonymously and safely come to the best gentleman institution, without fear of outside gaze.

strip club in the centre of Kyiv

One of the best men’s clubs of the erotic show is located in the very center of the city, along Khreschatyk Street, near number 14. This is the Princess Men’s Club, which is appreciated by the guests of the capital and its permanent residents. It is in such an institution that all the features of the culture of an erotic show with beautiful Ukrainian girls are revealed.

Convenient location of the best strip club Kiev

According to visitors of similar institutions, the best men’s clubs should not be visible. After all, the status is emphasized by closeness, and sometimes limited access. In the case of the Princess Men’s Club, a visitor can enter the premises directly from the central street of the city, moving a few tens of meters away from the sidewalk. Comfortable check in the courtyard and the availability of parking allow dear guests to come to rest, even by car. Not all institutions of the erotic show of Ukraine and Europe can boast of such an opportunity.

You can get to the strip club from any part of the capital of Ukraine, since all transport routes flow to the center. And you can leave the place quickly, safely, after calling a taxi under the entrance or by catching a car right on Khreshchatyk (of which there are very many, at the entrance to the subway).

full body strip in Kyiv

The location of the gentlemen’s club is an important factor that you should consider when choosing a place. But the quality of service and high level of erotic shows is a key parameter of choice. The Princess Men’s Club combines all the advantages of a convenient location and a high level of erotic services. There you can enjoy private dancing, BDSM shows, lesbian programs or a real erotic theater.

New strip club in Kiev – 2019

This is a place of power for real men, where you can relax, relax and enjoy the best performances of erotic theater.

Here you will be met by the most beautiful princesses who will make you feel like a king not only for one evening, but forever. Just imagine it. You sit on a comfortable sofa in a stylish new strip club, enjoy your favorite whiskey, while our chef prepares a delicious dinner. At this time music is playing. Vijay lights the LEDs and shakes the entire club. The princesses perform dances and bathe you in the atmosphere of feminine beauty.

The atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment, an unforgettable dance and show program, sets of the best music novelties, the best hits of world gastronomic trends, a rich selection of fine alcohol will make you forget about problems.

We have created a space of pleasure, where aesthetics, female beauty and dance are woven into a big world of fantasy and passion. You, as a man, must not only work hard, but also have a good rest. You deserve the best.

Our princesses with their beauty and grace, the art of dance will erase the signs of fatigue from your courageous face. Instead of the weight of the world, a sense of power and strength will come. After all, female tenderness creates magic.

Why do men go to the strip club?

Yes, because they want to relax and get aesthetic pleasure. Therefore, we have created an atmospheric Princess men’s club. No longer is the question “where do men spend their leisure time?”. This is definitely the Princess men’s club on Khreshchatyk 14!

it take the first place in strip club rating in Kiev

What are men doing at the Princess men’s club?

They rest, relax, have dinner, enjoy the art of erotic dance and replenish their strength. After relaxing in our club Princess men’s club, you will feel like an alpha and a king. After all, the best princesses danced for you.

Princess men’s club is a place where you can enjoy a completely different atmosphere, created specifically for real men. This is a place where you are always a welcome guest, who is cared for and respected. Your place of power is always open for you and is located in the very center of Kiev.

Come! The princesses are waiting for you!

Princess: the best strip club in Kiev

Luxurious interior, a wide range of services, an excellent bar, delicious cuisine and, of course, the most seductive dancers of the capital – all this is Princess men’s club, the best strip club in Kiev. Here you can enjoy not just a striptease in its usual sense, but a real erotic presentation that will cause a storm of emotions and you will remember for a long time.

Great striptease and more

Our institution offers a wide range of services for a great men’s holiday. After visiting the Princess strip club in Kiev after a long working day, you can have a delicious dinner in our restaurant or order good alcohol in the bar to warm the atmosphere.
Sweet, intoxicating clouds will relieve the tension that has accumulated during the day, and adjust to the desired wave. And having relaxed, you can sing in karaoke, this service is also in our institution.
And the most interesting thing for which the representatives of the stronger sex come to us is, of course, a striptease. We moved away from patterns with monotonous dances at the pole and turned striptease into an enchanting theatrical show with the participation of sexy and incredibly plastic dancers. Such a spectacle is definitely not boring and will certainly impress even very spoiled spectators.

Erotic strip club in the center of Kiev

Princess men’s club: rest for true connoisseurs of beauty

On the site you can see photos of our princesses. Scroll through the photos – and you personally make sure that the most beautiful and sexy girls work here. We also have a special menu for the most demanding guests. It has private dance services performed by one or two princesses, impressive peep or lesbian shows in a private room, topless at your table, and for lovers of really thrills there is a VIP private dance and a dance with BDSM elements.

Princess - striptease that you desire
Want to enjoy all the privileges of our institution? Then we invite you to become a resident of the club. This gives access to all services and gives excellent discounts on the kitchen, bar, as well as on holding events.
We guarantee complete security and privacy of our guests, because their comfort is our priority. We do not videotape in the halls and do not take photo reports; it will not be recorded anywhere that you spent the evening with us.

Become a resident of the club to get more

Special Menu

Discover unique experience of the Special menu. Our passionate princesses will bring max pleasure.


Strip Show

In our strip club, new emotions are waiting for you every day. This is a real erotic theater in the center of Kiev.


Book a table

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