Men are divided into two categories: those who have already been to a gentleman’s club and those who are only planning to visit him. The second will be useful to know how much it will cost one evening of entertainment in the erotic theater of Kiev. After all, many temptations are hidden behind the doors of men’s institutions, for which you will have to pay extra separately.

What expenses are planned in the strip club

Before evaluating the total amount needed for an evening of entertainment, we describe the main items of expenditure:

  • Entrance to the club (entrance fees are always paid if the man does not have a special club card).
  • Bar (alcoholic drinks are an integral part of any relaxation of a real man).
  • Restaurant menu (optional, but in most cases, alcoholic drinks are complemented by appetizer or full dishes).
  • Special Menu (private dances, individual erotic shows).
  • Tipping (a good tone for a guest is to leave a tip to a girl or service waiter that they like).

Before visiting the male institution, you can pre-evaluate your budget. Club sites usually have general information about the cost of entry, private dancing. If not, you can always call the manager on the specified phone and specify the cost of entry. Usually it is equal to the prices for visiting popular nightclubs in the same city.

erotic striptease in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev

Bar and restaurant menus should be evaluated separately. The cost of food and drinks depends on the category of the club. If this is a rating institution, then the prices there will be at the level of the central restaurants of the city. With a budget holiday, you can do one or two drinks and a fruit snack. It is always available.

The special menu is regarded differently, and the price can reach $ 100- $ 200 for the service. We are talking about private dancing, participating in erotic shows. But for many guests of such establishments, strip dance from the main stage is enough, for which you do not need to pay extra.

How to choose a club, do not overpay money and have a good rest

A status strip club with a good reputation a priori provides a spectacular erotic stage show. This means that private dance and other elements of the special menu in such institutions are not required and you can save on them. And if you are a frequent guest in such locations, it is rational to get a membership card that provides free admission and additional bonuses. In one of the best strip clubs in Kiev, Princess Men’s Club, a membership card is provided with a total amount of orders at an institution from 10 thousand hryvnias. Formally, these are several evenings or nights spent in a spectacular erotic setting.

best price of striptease in Kiev

The higher the cost of entry and services, the higher the quality of guest service. In the Princess Men’s Club, which is located on Khreshchatyk in Kiev, a middle ground has been reached between an average rest check and a high level of service. After all, the guest pays not only the erotic show from beautiful girls, but also the work of the security service, production designers, actresses, waiters, cooks, designers and other team members.

A pleasant, relaxing and exciting holiday in a gentleman’s club is possible for both $ 50 and $ 500. The main thing is to pre-plan your leisure time, to determine priorities. It is recommended before visiting men’s establishments with friends or colleagues to study the list of services on the official website. So you will understand whether you want additional elements of erotic dancing or you just have enough shows from the main stage of the club.

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