Rest in a strip club can be estimated in a different price range. It all depends on the goals, desires and requests of visitors. Since such institutions are visited not only alone for relaxation and entertainment, but also with friends and even with soul mates.

Before determining the approximate amount of rest in a strip club, you need to choose the institution itself. They are divided into several categories according to status and average bill. And already from this start from preliminary calculations.

What can I spend money on in strip clubs

Potential expenses in men’s institutions are divided into several categories:

  • Payment of admission ticket (in 90% of cases, admission must be paid separately even if there is a deposit of the table);
  • The menu of the restaurant and bar (on the territory of strip clubs there is a full-fledged kitchen and a bar where you can have a delicious dinner and relax);
  • Additional entertainments (for example, a hookah);
  • Private dancing;
  • Participation in show programs;
  • Tips for dancers and attendants;
  • Other expenses for visiting the institution (taxi, security service, concierge service).

The cost of certain services varies, differing in institutions of different categories. On average, the price of items from the menu and bar is 10-20% higher than that of city restaurants or cafes. This is normal positioning, as guests mostly come to strip clubs to watch an erotic show program on stage. And most often, guests complement the evening with alcoholic beverages, the cost of which is always higher than in stores or in catering establishments of an average price category.

Princess in lingerie on the main stage

Additional services in the form of private dances or fees for participating in show programs have different costs, but you can start from the amount of $ 30-50 for one position. It is important to understand that Price may be revised annually based on internal and external factors.

The cost of entry depends solely on the positioning of the club. In one of the best strip clubs in Ukraine, Princess Men’s Club, an admission fee of 500 hryvnias is required. And for regular customers with a reached spending limit in the institution, a premium membership card is issued for the year, providing all kinds of discounts and bonuses. In practice, we can say that even in elite men’s locations, for example, the Princess Men’s Club, leisure can be both budgetary and free, and liberated, from a financial point of view. It’s normal practice to pay the total bill for services at the strip club from 2,000 to 50,000 hryvnias per night. Since the tip size and participation in personalised shows with attractive girls is not limited.

We dispel myths about the high cost of strip clubs

In most institutions that position themselves as a real erotic theater, only the entrance ticket costing up to $ 25 is included in the mandatory payment (depending on the club). All other expenses are at our sole discretion.

Those who have not been to popular strip clubs may have incorrect stereotypes about their activities. Firstly, all tips (including bonuses for dancers) remain at the discretion of the guest. Secondly, the menu and the bar always allow you to fully relax without significant overpayments (the price of positions is not much different from what you can see in ordinary city restaurants). Thirdly, the general dance show and strip dance are free. In addition, you will have to pay only for a private dance and participation in the show of your own free will.

Therefore, even with $ 100, you can fully relax and unwind. The main thing is to choose a suitable institution where pricing is completely transparent. If you are interested in learning more about the price of various services in the popular strip club, you can go to the Princess Men’s Club website, located in the very center of Kiev.

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