The Kiev club for real men, called Princess Men’s Club, is a prestigious institution that is open to wealthy gentlemen who are used to not deny themselves sensual and refined pleasures. Our club offers visitors a rich entertainment program with incendiary music and erotic dances, with private parties and luxurious costumed performances.

Where to see the best striptease in professional performance

In the men’s club Princess, the best girls work every day in their cultivation: many hours of training, sharpening acrobatic stunts and movements on the pylon under the guidance of an experienced choreographer – all this gives an impressive result. You can see sensual dances for which you want to watch endlessly, while there is nothing vulgar and reprehensible in them, so you can even come with our spouse to our institution.

From time to time we present to your attention group performances that are distinguished by their scale and brightness. You can invite one of the dancers to a magnificent private room in a secluded setting where the girl will perform a real masterpiece for you.

Real club for real gentle men in Kiev

We guarantee quality service in the mens club

We have polite waiters and professional administrators who will be responsible for your comfort this evening. We offer delicious European dishes for every taste and high-quality alcoholic beverages, all dishes from the menu are prepared only from fresh ingredients.
At your service – experienced DJs who will entertain you throughout the evening and put the music to your taste.
You can sit in a comfortable easy chair at the VIP table or at the stylish bar counter in the immediate vicinity of the bartender, who will monitor the timely supply of drinks.

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